Property Reporting System                     

Intuitive organization, reports, and maps for investment properties.

This real-estate investment system provides you a unique and intuitive look at your properties.

Allowing your own investment managers to login and submit return and cash flow data on your behalf, this system can benchmark those properties based on region and property type against industry standard indices.

This fully "cloud based" application runs under an SSL certificate on servers located at SAS70 certified data centers for maximum security and guaranteed server up-time.

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System Features

•Allows unlimited number of properties to be loaded into the system.

•Easy interface for loading data through Excel uploads or using an on-screen GUI (graphical user interface).

•Property reporting capabilities and benchmarking.

•Easy property search function with multiple search criteria.

•Provides an intuitive map interface of all properties or search results.

•Interface for prospective managers to submit data or documentation on new investments.

•Ability to add an unlimited number of user contacts with 3 distinct roles such as staff, manager, and reviewer.

•Interface to add notes and/or attachments to any property or user contact.

•Full accountability logging system that records all user activity on the site for later review, if necessary.

•Fully customizable look and feel.  We can "re-skin" the site to use your company logos and colors

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Pricing & Service info


$800 a month includes:

  • Access for 1 - 10 Site Administrators
  • 24 X 7 Access to your Application and data located in a SAS 70 certified datacenter
  • Maintenance includes a secure continuous backup to protect your data
  • Updates and Enhancements to the application
  • Technical support through email and phone

If you have any questions or need a customized solution, please contact us