Custom Software Solutions                                   
for the Investment Advisory Community

EMA Softech has a long history of helping investment advisory firms solve operational problems. In many cases we assist by automating an operational process to improve accuracy and speed while reducing stress. 
We look at your current process and then through questions, learn what you want to accomplish. We then make suggestions and if you agree, a custom solution is designed and built.
A good example would be your reporting process. If you manually upload reporting data from a portfolio management system like Advent’s Axys into Excel, for instance, to generate client reports, the process can be time consuming and prone to errors. We can improve the process by building a custom interface that enables the data to seamlessly flow from your portfolio management system into an application that will produce any type of custom reports that you desire. Your reporting process becomes fully integrated and automated – dramatically improving speed and accuracy while reducing stress.
All of our custom solutions have two things in common; they are built to meet the specific needs of each client and they’re affordable.
So what makes us unique?
  • EMA adheres to an iterative development cycle. The first iteration provides a large percent of the required functionality, but also allows the users to interact with the custom application early on. This early interaction is crucial! The users are able to refine the requirements very quickly once they have something to look at and react to. The requirements, which were abstract logical concepts, are now physical realities.
  • All of our software engineers have MBAs. Each has extensive experience in accounting and finance and has supervised or managed in past positions.
  • WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE software development or technical support. All of our software engineers, analysts, and technical support professionals are located at our offices in Plano, Texas. This allows us to control the quality and pace of software development and technical support.
  • We guarantee price. Once a quote is delivered, the price is guaranteed.
  • We guarantee delivery times. If we are late, build fees are reduced by 2% per day until the custom software solution is completed.
  • We assume all of the financial risk. You do not pay for the custom software solution until it is completed and you are 100% satisfied with its functionality and performance. 
So if you have an operational deficiency, maybe we should discuss a means for improvement.

For a discussion of your needs contact Charles Gabriel or David Geddie by email at Contact US or by telephone at 469-429-1290 ext. 232 or 229.